Pope & Islam’s Top Imam Sign Historic Covenant

Today America embraces Socialism openly, while the Pope embraces Islam publicly.

Laying The Foundation For Islam’s Conquest Of The Globe Via a One World Religion

If one took a look at America and Western Society’s decline, we see the full-blown efforts of Cultural Marxism in alliance with Jihadist Islam to tear down the West from within and facilitate the invasion of Europe and America with alien hostiles intent to destroy and subjugate.

As we are approaching the End of the Age that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24, considering the prophetic books of Isaiah, Daniel and Revelation – a disturbing but predicted Beast and AntiChrist are arising upon the world scene. An event this past Monday may shed a specific piece of evidence to indicate that this indeed is taking place.

On Monday February 4th, with little notice by much of the American media, an historic “covenant” was signed between Pope Francis and Islam’s top Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb. The pope and the Grand Imam have signed this historic ‘covenant’ agreement of fraternity, calling for peace between nations, religions and races in Abu Dhabi.

Faith in who? Does this Pope truly ignore the words of the Savior he professes to follow and shepherd his flock into His path?

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. – John 14:6

Without delving into an in-depth bible study on the subject – I will limit my comments to the event itself. This event may be the genesis for the very Beast that St. John and Daniel both saw in visions of the End of the Age that would dominate the world, behead the Saints of God, and trample the Jews underfoot, all while miracles are being performed to deceive the world – fulfilling prophecies that God Himself laid down as far back as Moses.

A tribulation is coming for the people of God and the descendants of Israel, exactly as God promised and foretold in the scriptures that would lay cities waste and the land desolate.

And it begins with a kiss. A betrayal of One whom was once called Lord, and to commit spiritual adultery with beliefs and religions wholly alien to the faith once delivered.

The Pope stated “If we believers are not able to shake hands, embrace one another, kiss one another, and even pray, our faith will be defeated”

As always with Marxists and the Left – these kinds of statements are made to get a populace to drop the eschewing of antithetical ideas, behaviors and beliefs, and to cause them to embrace things once considered abhorrent.

Why not get Christians who represent Western culture to embrace a religion whose Great Commission is to slaughter and subjugate by the sword, the whole world to Islam? How much easier will it be to conquer them once they are convinced that Islam, Judaism and Christianity all serve and worship the same god?

Certainly the Pope believes this, and soon it will be said that the Qur’an is more divinely inspired and truthful than the bible.

Once such things are embraced and accepted by enough of the target audience, programs are always begun to impose zero tolerance for the differing of belief or opinion without threat or punishment. This is a hallmark and perfect illustration of why Cultural Marxism and Jihadist Islam are in a unholy alliance against the West, and especially America.

Think such a thing impossible? Do you think the Elect cannot be deceived? I think that they can and they will be.

Look how easy it was for the hedonists and cultural Marxists to convince the church in America to embrace homosexuality. That was a bellwether event to signal to the enemies of America, Israel and the West, that the church in America will ignore what the bible says in order to believe whatever lies Christians are told by their pastors, their governments and their cultural leaders, rather than by what God says.

It will all lead to our destruction, and rightfully so. Islam and Marxism are the enemies God is raising up to lay us waste as punishment for our national sins.

Today America embraces Socialism openly, while the Pope embraces Islam publicly.

The result will remove the last obstacle to the aims of those desiring a one-world Beast.

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